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Hyperpigmentation or facial pigmentation is a dark patch of skin. It develops from excess melanin production due to acne scars, hormone fluctuations or skin damage.

Five out of ten women suffer from facial pigmentation. It is a common skin problem in women than men. It makes the skin appearance dull and impacts the self-confidence.

Types of Facial Pigmentation and symptoms

Here is the most common types of facial pigmentation and their symptoms:

Type Symptoms Where on the body? Who can it affect?
Age spots or liver spots Brown or black spots due to sun overexposure Affect the face and hands, or on sun-exposed areas of the body Affect older adults or those who expose to sun for extended hours
Melasma Large patches of darkened skin Appear on the face, stomach, and forehead Women with darker skin, pregnant women or women taking birth control pills
Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation Develop because of skin inflammation like acne or eczema Appear on the face or neck Suffering from skin problems or have the skin

Treatment of Facial Pigmentation

Face Acid
At our clinic, we exfoliate the skin with face acids. The process helps to emerge new skin cells. Hence, the skin tone gets brighter, smoother and even.
Who can try this? The treatment is suitable for mild pigmentation on fairer skin tones.

Chemical Peel
An acid with stronger concentrations is recommended to reduce hyperpigmentation by removing epidermis. It works well, if you have:
• Age spots
• Blotchy skin
• Sun damage
• Melasma

It works well on fairer skin tone.

Laser Peel
Skin resurfacing including ablative and non-ablative treatments is to lighten the darker spots. It promotes collagen growth.
Who can try this? Ablative laser is suitable for people with a fair skin.

It affects epidermis. Our dermatologists are mastered in rejuvenating the skin with the treatment. You may need multiple sessions to achieve the finest result.

Who can try this? It works best on superficial scars.

It is the process of removal of your epidermis. If you are dealing with acne scars, age spots, chickenpox scars, injury scars and skin damage due to sun exposure, the treatment can go well.

Can I use hydroquinone for hyperpigmentation?
It is a prescription-based medication to lighten the skin. Prolonged use of the topical cream can darken the skin area. It should be taken under the care of a dermatologist.

What are the best ways to prevent facial pigmentation?

You can protect your skin from facial pigmentation-
• Use an SPF-30 lotion before going for a day outing
• Wear hats or clothing that can block sunlight
• Don’t go out at a broad daylight

Can I use home remedies to treat hyperpigmentation?

Yes, you can, but no one has a proven technique to remove pigmentation.

What are the best OTC lightening creams?
• Hydroquinone
• Licorice extract
• N-acetylglucosamine
• Vitamin B-3

Most of them are available under the strict medical prescription. Don’t play with your skin. It is better to consult a dermatologist before taking any OTC lightening cream.


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