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Dr. Santpal Sangwan, a dermatologist & hair transplant surgeon in Gurgaon, has years of experience in treating skin, hair, and nails. He is a member of Indian Association of Dermatologist, Vebereologist and Leporologist, and Indian Medical Association. Dr. Santpal has addressed several seminars and presentations. He has an excellent clientele to whom he is offering the best support with his deep knowledge.

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Nail Fungal Infections
It is a common condition that causes nails thick, discolored, and easily breakable. Toes are more prone to the infection than fingers. Sweating, salon treatments and athlete’s foot can increase the risk of fungal infection on your nails.
Symptoms Include-
• Thick Nails
• Discolored Nails
• Fragile nails

Ingrown Toenails
The condition can cause swelling and pain. The problem can be genetic and some other causes such as not trimming nails and physical injury. We prescribe holistic as well as medicines for the treatment. In some severe cases, we suggest a surgery.
• Swelling
• Tenderness
• Pus
• Soreness

What causes Onychogryphosis?

It is the condition where the nails are overgrown and thick, hurting the toe. Genetics, ichthyosis, psoriasis, and injury can cause the problem.
• Thick nails
• One portion of the nail grows larger than the other
• Look like Ram’s horn nails

What causes Onycholysis?

When the toe or fingernail separates from the nail bed and causes pain is called onycholysis. It can occur because of underlying health problems, exposure to chemicals, some kind of allergies, and submersion in water.
• Bending of the nail edges
• Thick nails
• Nail pitting
• Discoloration of nails

Contact us to get the best treatment for paronychia, redness and swelling around the edges of the nail bed. We treat both acute and chronic paronychia.
• Swelling
• Redness
• Pain
• Fever

Lifted Nail Plate Treatment
If the nail is left off the nail bed, it will appear white. It can be due to psoriasis, nail polishes and Tinea (a kind of fungal infection).

Splitting Nails
In this condition, the nail plate splits. If you constantly keep your hand wet, use nail polish frequently, or have the habit of finger-tapping, they can cause splitting nails.

Brittle Nails Treatment
Toe-stubbing or a heavy object dropped on the toe can cause brittle nails.

Unusual Nail Shape
If your nail shape is unusual or concave, it may be due to iron deficiency. At our clinic, we advise the best medicine to get back your nails in shape.

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