Hair loss is a heart wrenching situation. Shedding of 50 to 100 hairs everyday is normal. When you notice smooth patches on your head, it means the chance of hair growth in the following areas is less. Starting the treatment without wasting time can save you from hair transplant.

What is hair?

Hair is formed from a protein which is the same that found in fingernails. It is imperative to everyone to eat an adequate amount of protein for normal hair growth.

The Cycle of Hair Growth

There are three stages-
Anagen– The primary stage where hair growth takes places every month of about one inch.
Catagen– The second stage where spanning is for only 10 days.
Telogen– The third state where hair becomes old and falls off.

Causes of Hair Loss

• Anxiety and stress could be the reason for hair fall. Emotional stress could result of gradual loss of hair.
• Thyroid disorders can also lead to hair fall. It can be due to hyper or hypothyroidism.
• Changes in hormone during menopause or right after the childbirth can cause the problem
• Some medicines like beta blockers, anti-depressant, and anti-coagulant can also cause the problem.
• An autoimmune disease can be responsible for hair loss.

Classification of Hair Loss

Hair loss is categorized into several categories looking at their symptoms and hair loss pattern.
Androgenic Alopecia- People dealing with the problem can develop hair thinning at the crown or the temple. It gradually spreads inwards or takes a pattern like “a horse shoe”.

Traction Alopecia- The hair problem impacts women when they use tight hairpins or rubber bands. Pressure applies to the hair follicles leads to uprooting of hair from its root.

Involutional Alopecia – It is related to aging. As you grow older, the hair cycle becomes short and hair also becomes thinner.

Trinia Capitis – It is a fungal infection on the scalp.

Alopecia Areata – An autoimmune disease that brings hair loss in the form of spots.

Telogen Effluvium – When hair enters the third phase of growth, it starts thinning.

Treatment of Hair Loss in Gurgaon

At our clinic, you get the best hair loss treatment at affordable prices. As an experienced dermatologist, I diagnose the reason for hair loss and treat through various advanced hair loss treatments.

Treatment with Medicines-
Before treating hair loss with therapies or surgery, I recommend my patients some medications that effectively work in. I advise them pills or lotions.

Treatment with Therapies-
Certain therapies can work miraculously such as creams, shampoos and ointment. I recommend patients for a specific therapy if medications seem not so effective.

Treatment with Surgery-
After diagnosis and examining the scalp, I can ask patients for hair transplant if there is no chance of hair regeneration. If the hair follicles of the bald area are dead, hair transplant is the best way.

Treatment with Laser Comb-
It is an innovative technology where electricity and certain type of ray stimulate the hair follicles.

Treatment with PRP-
It is also an incredible treatment to treat hair loss.

What are you waiting for? Online booking is available from the respective site. You can call us to get an appointment too.

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